Ten things you shouldn’t do in platform heels

31 12 2012


Image from -Benedikt- from Flickr creative commons

Over the past few years, the popularity of platform heels has skyrocketed thanks to the likes of Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian, who seem to spend their entire lives tottering around in six-inch heels. What’s more, they wear them while strutting confidently out of a meeting, carrying a huge designer handbag and – in the case of Mrs Beckham – clutching a very fashionably-dressed one-year-old toddler.

But even though these women seems to have super-human powers when it comes to walking in high heels, the rest of us find ourselves tripping over, stumbling up kerbs and massaging our aching feet at the end of the day.

So, if you’re planning to invest in a pair of platform heels, here’s a list of things you definitely shouldn’t try and do.

Go to the beach

Taking your new heels on holiday is fine, but they’re for bars only. Don’t try and strut along the beach in your fabulous heels because they elongate your legs, you’ll just sink into the sand and fall over – never a good look.

Bake a cake

Those pictures of 1950s housewives baking a cake in their heels are enough to make anyone think “I can do that!” But it’s not as easy as that – trying to balance in six-inch heels with a bag of flour in one hand and a box of eggs in the other won’t work.

Lounge around the house

Why does it seem like divas spend their entire days lying on chaise longs in beautiful satin robes and high-heeled slippers with feathers on the front? They don’t do this and neither should you, give your feet a rest at home and save your heels for partying.

Drop a killer dance routine

Britney Spears, Rihanna and Beyonce might be pros at performing killer dance routines on stage in high heels, but this takes a lot of practice. When you’re out with your friends remember you haven’t suddenly turned into an international pop star. Keep both feet on the ground and hopefully you won’t fall over if you do decide to have a bit of a boogie.

Fight off baddies

Why is it superheroes in films manage to round-kick bad guys and run through burning buildings? Catwoman did it and so did the Black Widow. Please remember these are fictional superheroes with otherworldly powers – you can’t do the same.

Carry your baby

Just because Victoria Beckham carries Harper in her arms while wearing platform heels it doesn’t mean you should to. You never know when you’re going to trip on a bit of uneven pavement or lose your balance. Plus, experiments show it’s not as easy as it looks. Use a pram – this will also give you something to lean on.

Take your dog for a walk

Controlling an excitable and boisterous canine is difficult at the best of times. Add a pair of killer heels into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for disaster, so make sure you wear sensible, flat shoes when you’re taking Fido for a walk.


Does this really need explaining? Sharp high heels and the bed of a trampoline just do not mix.

Change a light bulb

Changing a light bulb is a very simple task and you definitely don’t need your man to swoop in and save the day if a bulb blows in your house. But what you shouldn’t do is attempt DIY when you’re dressed up for a night out. If a bulb blows just as your friends arrive, take off your heels and put on sturdy, flat shoes, especially if you need to climb on something to reach the light fixture.

Model a Santa outfit

This Morning producer Ellie took part in a December episode of the popular ITV show and strutted her stuff on a mini catwalk to model a Santa outfit. She was holding her baby Poppy, who looked cute in a Christmas onesie. However, Ellie stumbled as she stepped off the catwalk – just goes to show even models aren’t perfect.


Ten Thrifty Ways To Make Your Wedding Day Extra Special

17 12 2012


Image from Flickr Creative commons via Nuno Duarte

Everyone knows weddings aren’t the cheapest of events to plan and there are many things that need to be considered when it comes to arranging the big day. Unfortunately, because of the current economic downturn many couples are being forced to rein in their spending and reconsider how much they can realistically afford to spend on their big day.

However, the ‘make do and mend’ trend that seems to be sweeping the UK at the moment means a growing number of people are trying their hand at arts and crafts in a bid to save money. Programmes such as Kirstie’s Homemade Home have encouraged the trend and up and down the country and it is something people can try when it comes to arranging their wedding. Here are 10 ideas for simple and cheap ways to make a wedding very special.

Buy your own crockery

Instead of hiring crockery and serving dishes from the venue, collect your own from second-hand shops. You will find entire sets of china tea cups, plates and saucers for just a few pounds. Use one set per table or mix them up for a vintage, higgledy-piggledy look.

Make your own bunting

Bunting is so easy to make and it’s a very easy way to decorate your venue. Collect offcuts of various fabrics, cut them into triangles and hem the edges – you don’t need to be a genius on the sewing machine to do this. Attach the triangles to some slim rope and you’re done.

Make edible wedding favours

Buying favours for all of your guests can be expensive. Instead, try making delicious chocolate truffles, before wrapping them in a large square of cellophane and some tissue paper. Tie with ribbon and you’re done.

Use your own photography skills for the invites

Making wedding invitations can be difficult and if you’re inviting a lot of people printing services are your best bet. However, you can personalise them and save on costs by sending over an image you wish to use. Perhaps a beautiful picture of some flowers you have taken, or the landscape of one of your favourite holiday destinations?

Make your own place settings and table cards

When planning your wedding come up with a theme for the tables. If you have done a lot of travelling, why not name each table after a country you have been to? Buy tall picture clips and print off a picture of the landscape of that particular country to stand in the middle of each table. You can make very quick and easy place cards and simply folding over a rectangle of card and writing the name of the guest on it.

Create memories with a wedding book

At the end of a spare table place a guest book and pen. People can then use this to sign their names and leave a short message you will treasure forever.

Experiment with cupcakes

Instead of a big fancy wedding cake, make your own cupcakes. These are easy to bake in several batches and icing them is as simple as purchasing an icing bag with a large nozzle to pipe out a decorative effect. You can buy ready-made icing decorations to add to the top. Colour your icing with food dye and stick to a theme so the cupcakes look pretty when arranged on a stand.

Try something different with flowers

If you want to make your wedding special, creating your own flower arrangements can be fun and satisfying. But it’s also very difficult. Instead of a flower arrangement for each table, buy large blooms such as hydrangeas and place a single bloom in a tall vase in the centre of each table.

A memory cabinet

Purchase a cheap bookcase or freestanding shelving unit. Bring it to the reception venue and fill it with ornaments, pictures and little things that sum up you as a couple. Not only will these be a beautiful decoration for the room, but it will give your guests something to look at.

Decorate the chairs yourself

Often when you hire a wedding venue they’ll decorate the chairs for you. Do this yourself by purchasing a collection of cheap and colourful cushions – or make your own. Tie strips of coloured ribbon around the backs of the chairs as well.

Tips To Avoid Getting Locked Into Service Contracts

13 12 2012

These days, the majority of people have a mobile phone and would probably find themselves lost without a device that allows them to text, read emails on the go, browse the internet and instantly get in touch with the contacts in their phone book.

The major networks in the UK include Vodafone, Three, O2 and the newly formed Everything Everywhere, which is a merger between T Mobile and Orange. Unfortunately, it is a well-known fact that as well as providing people with everything they need to communicate using their handset, these companies are not without their faults. Networks go down, contracts are somtimes incorrect and customer service is not always as good as it should be.


Image via Duncan~ from Flickr creative commons

One of the problems people often run into is that there is confusion regarding their contract and they find themselves locked into something they did not mean to sign up for. This can mean they are paying more than they originally wanted to, or struggle to get out of a long-term contract when they only wanted to sign up for a shorter length of time. What is more, it could mean you are stuck paying for services you find you don’t really need. The only way to get out of these situations is usually to pay early termination fees.

Luckily, there are some ways of avoiding these situations.

For a start, take great care when you are buying a new phone. Attractive offers and seemingly unmissable deals with super-cheap monthly payments will often mean you have to keep the same phone for around two years. Modern smartphones are very technologically advanced pieces of equipment and you will be surprised at how easily they can start to go wrong if they are not looked after. Two years is a long time to look after a smartphone, so consider getting shorter 12 month phone contracts and paying a bit more instead of being blinded by the deals and sale talk.

Another way to avoid getting locked into something you no longer want is to check your contract against your charges and how much you are paying each month. If something has changed this gives you a legitimate way to cancel the contract without paying fees. However, you will have to be prepared to get in touch with your network provider and argue your point. What is more, the changes will be minimal, so you have to really scrutinise both your bill and your contract.

Of course, one of the easiest ways to avoid a long term contract is to purchase a pay as you go phone. This is when you top up your phone when you run out of credit instead of paying a fixed monthly fee. What is more, because you own the phone outright you are not locked into a contract and can change it whenever you want. The problem with this is you will be charged full price for the handset  – and they are expensive. But it means you’re not tied down to anything and you’ll probably find the one-off payment is cheaper than what you would pay overall during the course of your contract.

Unfortunately, expensive phone contracts are part of life and as mobile phones get even more advanced, prices will go up. But if you don’t want to waste money and like to change you phone on a more frequent basis, these are some options.

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13 12 2012

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