Five Tips for Saving Money on Wedding Hairstyling

12 02 2013


This image from Flickr creative commons via Bellafaye

Every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day – and of course so she should, because after all, she can rightly expect to be the centre of everyone’s attention.

Not only that, but the photographs taken on the day are likely to be long-lasting souvenirs which will be looked back through in years to come with a great deal of fondness. And there’s nothing more guaranteed to give a bride the shivers for years afterwards than a set of wedding pictures in which she feels she looks anything less than her absolute best.

But, as with every other aspect of a wedding, getting a bride and her party’s hair and make-up absolutely right on the day, without spending an absolute fortune, can be a tough proposition.

So in this article you’ll find five good ideas which could help you achieve the high-quality results you want, but at a reasonable price.

To begin with – as with many aspects of putting together a wedding – you should start your planning well ahead of the day. Draw up a budget and explain to the person you choose to do your hair what this is. They’ll be happy to try to help you stick to it. Alternatively, if you’ve known your stylist for some time, you could call on their goodwill, and ask them whether they would be prepared to do your hair, and possibly your make-up, as a wedding gift.

If you have little idea of how you’d like your wedding hair, it’s a good idea to try to keep it simple. Start by pulling it back and/or curling it. You can practice this yourself at home and you might even find a look yourself which you can create, and then simply ask a professional hair stylist to tweak and add a professional finish.

A simple comb or barrette can help you achieve and elegant look, and if you don’t have these accessories yourself, you could always ask a friend if they have one you could borrow for a day. By the same token, there’s no point in shelling out a fortune for a hair accessory that will only be worn the once, and if you ask your good friend nicely, the chances are they’ll loan you that piece of theirs that you’ve always admired.

No matter how well you know your stylist, it’s likely to work out cheaper for you to go to them, rather than have them come to your house, so make your appointment well in advance – even further in advance than usual, which for some women might be quite an achievement!

There’s no reason why you should also pay for your attendants to have their hair done by your stylist, unless you particularly want to. It could be that your chief bridesmaid and others will be travelling some distance to be there anyway, so will want to make their own arrangements at a salon they know and trust. However, every bride should be sure to make an appointment for their mother. Again, this could be with your regular stylist, or the one your mother usually goes to, but mum is sure to appreciate that she’s been allowed to be involved on the ‘inside’ of all the big preparations.

In essence, successful wedding hair is all about results, and if there are parts of the preparations which you’re happy to take on yourself, or entrust to a friend, and you know the results will be what you have in mind, then you should go for it!






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