2013’s Signature Hair Styles

9 04 2013


Image via Flickr creative commons from Cour10e Fox

We’re a few months into the year now; winter has come and gone (finally), and we’re starting to see the opening credits of spring. With that, everything changes; the flowers start to grow, baby animals are born, fashions change and people start to overhaul their look for the new season. If you’re thinking about getting your hair cut this year, you may be considering a brand new style. Perhaps you’ve been worried in the past about changing your look but fear not, because we’re going to take a look at 2013s signature hair styles. So if you feel in the mood, you can be daring and go for the chop this year.

Let’s take a look at the various hairstyles that female celebrities are sporting right now:


Favoured by the likes of Beyonce, the top-knot is the perfect no nonsense do that’s perfect for busy ladies but still looks super stylish. And the best part is that it works just as well for a casual daytime look as it does for an elegant evening outfit. Here’s how to achieve the same look at home:

–          It’s vital that your hair is in good condition so apply a small amount of shine serum through your hair to give it a smoother and shinier appearance.

–          Tilt your head towards the floor and gather all of your hear into a ponytail at the top of your head, before securing with a hair tie.

–          Take the end of the ponytail and twist it around in order to create a bun. The firmer you twist, the sleeker the style will be. Use hair grips in the same shade as your hair colour to secure any wispy bits.

–          Spritz on some hairspray to control flyaways and smooth down any frizz with your hands.

Wild Ringlets

“Carrie Diaries” Star Anna Sophia Robb teaches us to love what we’re born with. So if your hair is naturally curly, embrace your style. Here’s how to get the most out of your curls:

–          Wash and condition your hair with a moisture intense, curl-enhancing formula, then gently squeeze the water out, rather than towel rubbing to prevent frizz.

–          Apply a small amount of curl cream whilst hair is still damp and twist sections of hair in your fingers to help define the ringlets.

–          It’s normal if you’re curly-haired to have some sections that aren’t as curly as others. If that’s the case for you, once your hair is totally dry, use a small barrel curling iron to create tight ringlets in straighter sections of your hair. You may also wish to curl the sections framing your face to add more definition.

–          Finally, spritz a little hairspray over your do to hold it in place all day long.

A newspaper article heralds the arrival of the ‘Karlie’, also known as the chop. Model Karlie Kloss decided to chop off around seven inches of her famous hairstyle in a bid to undergo a style overhaul. In a January issue of Vogue, it was declared the “cut of the moment” as the new hairstyle is sexy, swingy and really easy to wear. The great thing about this style is that it’s long enough to pull back if you’re having a bad hair day, and short enough to require very little maintenance on a daily basis. If you’re planning to go to the hairdressers anytime soon, this is the look to go for ladies.

Gentlemen, don’t think we’re leaving you out of the picture either, because we’ve got some great hairstyle tips for you too. You have to remember that your hairstyle has the ability to make or break your look, so it’s vital that you choose a great style to suit you.

The majority of men get stuck in a rut when it comes to their hair, always asking for the same “number two all over” that they’ve been requesting since they were teenagers. So do something different with your hair this year and see how many compliments you could get.

Long clipped sides with a textured top

If you’re used to having short hair but want something to play with, ask the barber for a style with long clipped sides that’s textured on top. It’ll give you loads more options when it comes to styling your hair and it doesn’t matter if you end up leaving it a week too long before you go back to the barbers as the style is supposed to look a bit more grown out.

Ask your barber to graduate the length on top from short to long from the crown to the fringe. This will make it easier for you to style at home. You can wear this style either pushed forward or slicked back off your face.

Be daring and try a new hair style this year – you’ll be surprised how different you’ll look.




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