How To Clean And Refurbish A Car’s Interior

3 07 2013


Image via Flickr creative commons from DVS1mn

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve only recently passed your driving test and you’ve bought your first ever car, or you’ve had more than your fair share of vehicles over the years, maintaining your car is really important. As well as ensuring that you keep the outside of your vehicle clean and sparkling, especially during the summer months, you should also pay regular attention to your car’s interior. After all, the appearance of your car inside and out is a reflection on your personality. If your car is full of litter, food crumbs and cat hair, you may think twice before offering somebody a lift, for fear of them judging you as lazy and messy. For those unsure of how to keep their car looking as good as new, here is a guide for cleaning and refurbishing the interior of your car.

Throw rubbish away

The first step to thoroughly cleaning the interior of your car is to ensure that any clutter, litter and unwanted materials are thrown away. Get your hands on a heavy duty bin bag and de-clutter your car completely. Anything that you still want to keep but remove from your car can be placed to one side to take into the house later on. But any rubbish such as old soft drinks bottles and crisp packets can be thrown out immediately.

Get out the vacuum and a duster

Remove interior carpets and suck up any dust, mud and hair with a vacuum before moving on to vacuum the rest of the floor. You can use a duster and some interior polish to clean your dashboard while an old toothbrush will get rid of dirt from awkward nooks and crannies. If your car has leather seats, you can wipe them clean with a few wet wipes to remove the top layer of dirt.

Cleaning leather seats

Over time, the colour of your leather interior car seats may fade. One way to prevent this from happening is to avoid parking your car in direct sunlight. You can keep the leather soft by using a special cleaner but if you notice cracks in your leather seats, it may be a sign that you need to replace them. If that is the case, Halfords – Car Seats offer top quality replacement seat covers.

Cleaning fabric seats

If you notice stains on your fabric seat upholstery, you’ll be happy to know that there is an easy way to remove them. Mix together vinegar and water and spray over the stain. Allow to settle for a couple of minutes and then dab with a damp cloth. The stain should come off easily but if not, spray once more and leave the mixture a little longer.

Easy tricks for interior cleaning

Of course, you may not always have the specialist tools to hand. That does not mean that you can just leave the job for another day however; follow these easy tricks to get your car interior looking as good as new in a moment.

Baby wipes: use everyday baby wipes to clean the grime and greasy fingerprints off the inside of your car window. What’s more, they can easily be stored away in the glove box for future use.

Baking soda: to remove stubborn stains easily, mix a little baking soda with washing up liquid and water. Shake up to ensure the contents are well mixed and then pour the mixture over the stain. Leave to settle and rub off with a damp cloth.

If you find that over time you need to find replacements for your interior, you can head to Car Spares to find a wide range of useful car items.




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