Braving The Beach In A Bikini – A How-To Guide

4 07 2013


Image via Flickr creative commons from Joe Shlabotnik

Now that the sun is finally shining, not only does it automatically put everyone in a better mood, it also means that it is time for summer holidays. However, if you’re starting to feel panicky about baring your tummy on the beach in a bikini after many months of doom and gloom weather, there is no need to worry. I have compiled a how-to guide that will help you to pull off your bikini with style and confidence this summer so all of your woes can disappear and your biggest worry will be how to cram as much fun into the summer as possible. Here is how you can brave the beach in a bikini this summer.

1.      Work up a sweat

Forget that your exercise regime went out of the window during the long winter months – now is the time to focus on getting back into shape fast before you head off on holiday and have to put on your bikini. I’m not suggesting a quick fix starvation diet to shed the pounds however – no, instead, you simply have to work up a sweat by doing high intensity cardio exercises three times a week for about a month before you go on holiday. Whilst you won’t instantly drop weight, these exercises will tone you up and leave you with a tauter, firmer stomach, as well as make you feel more confident about your shape.

2.      Reduce your portion sizes

Now that its summer, you’re likely to feel less hungry anyway, so rather than carry on eating stodgy winter stews and giving yourself a bloated tummy from every meal, try to cut your portion sizes. In addition to this, you could swap some of your regular carbs for healthier salads. So go ahead and eat that burger but have salad as your side dish instead of fries and you’ll soon notice an improvement to your waistline, giving you the confidence to rock that bikini in style.

3.      Go on a shopping spree

Nothing makes us girls feel happier faster than an ad hoc shopping trip, so grab together a bunch of your best girl mates and shop to your heart’s content. Plus, that little bit of weight you’ve lost from following the above two steps gives you an excuse to treat yourself to some new swimwear. You’ll find a great choice of bikinis and one piece swimsuits at Women’s Swimwear.

4.      Get an instant tan

It’s a well-known fact that you not only look and feel healthier when you’re tanned, but you also look slimmer. So what could be more helpful when trying to slim down into your bikini than arriving at the beach with a ready-made tan? Remember to exfoliate skin first to get rid of old, dry skin and use a good moisturiser for the following week to preserve your summer glow.

5.      Cover up on the beach

Just because you’re on holiday at the beach does not mean that you have to bare your body all day in a bikini. You’ll look just as stylish by covering your bikini up with a sarong – plus that can double up as your outfit later that night to take you straight from the beach to the bar. Find the right swimwear for you this summer by heading to





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