Unexpected Garden Safety Hazards to Watch Out For

5 07 2013


Image via Flickr creative commons from Molecular Audio

Whether you are a full time gardening enthusiast or just like to sit out every now and then when the sun finally decides to shine, there are things you should look out for.

Even if you’re just kicking back surrounded by your finest garden furniture with a glass of something ice cold, there are things that can catch you unaware. If you’re planning to spend a weekend up to your elbows in mud and plants, the amount of things waiting to trip you up increases tenfold.

Here are some things you should look out for when spending time in the garden:

Don’t take shortcuts

Often people see a job and think they have the adequate training and skills, when in reality they don’t. Ignoring risks, not planning properly and trying to get a job done in the shortest possible time are sure fire ways to get yourself hurt. Keep an eye out for hazards you might trip over, this can include loose paving slabs, hoses left out and divots in the grass.

Keep it clean, keep it safe

Similarly, make sure you do not leave tools lying about in the garden – this is especially important when there are children around. When you are using electrical goods, fit a residual current device to prevent being the victim of an electric shock – they will cut out the electrical current should you happen to accidentally cut through a cable. Also, avoid using electrical items completely during wet weather.

Remember, a child does not need a sharp item to injure themselves – don’t let them run about on the grass when it is wet. They could trip and fall on the patio.

Soil safety

If you happen to be the owner of an older house, you have a higher chance of coming across dangerous items – such as broken glass – when digging in soil. If you come across some, make sure you get shut of it as quickly and as safely as possible.

Again, should you be in the garden with children, remind them of the dangers of soil. Although many of the microorganisms there are harmless, soil can contain tetanus. Teach your kids about the importance of washing their hands after spending time outside – especially before eating meals. Any child with a cut should wear a plaster. If helping with gardening, it is safest to make sure they wear protective gloves at all times.

Don’t overdo it

Overdoing it can apply in many scenarios. Even if you are just sitting out in the sun, make sure you cover up with sun cream. Too long in the heat could lead to sunstroke. The danger of the sun is especially prevalent when you’re working under it. Do not over-exert yourself and make sure you are taking on enough water.

Weeding, over a long period of time, can become a strenuous task and can lead to repetitive strain injury. Similarly, be careful about heavy lifting and know what your body is capable of. If you have inkling it might be a little too heavy, leave it until someone is around who can help. It is not worth putting your back out or tearing a muscle.




One response

5 07 2013

I have an extreme tendency to exaggerate in my garden. And as you say, it can lead to repetitive strain injury. Thanks for the warning.

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