Why You Should Provide Your Employees With Business Cards

2 08 2013



Image via Flickr creative commons from matthew solle 

If you’re the proud owner of your own business then it’s likely you’ll constantly be looking for new ways to expand your customer base and advertise the services offered by your company. One such way to do this quickly and effectively is to ensure that all of your employees have business cards. Now you may be a little sceptical about the notion of providing your employees with a set of business cards each what with the ever-increasing usage of digital technology and the rise of online businesses. To help convince you further, I’ve compiled a list of the reasons why you should provide your employees with business cards. Read on to find out more.

Business cards are essential because…

–          They help your employees to network

One of the top priorities for all business owners of new start-ups is to make the company widely known. After all, knowledge makes profit. If only a handful of people know about the services you offer then you’re unlikely to meet your expected annual profit budgets, unless of course those customers are insanely loyal.

Despite this, it can be hard to do all of the networking by yourself. By providing business cards for all of your employees, you will cast a much wider networking web, drawing in customers from all sorts of places. Think of it as a social media profile. You have your ‘friends’ who can see your profile but then the site suggests others that you may know, based on the friend list of your network, and so on. So by issuing a set of business cards to each employee, that network of friends suddenly multiples in size.

–          They don’t require the use of technology

How many times have you encountered a problem with your smartphone or your tablet or your pc? I’m willing to bet it’s quite a lot. The reason for this is that technology can malfunction, particularly when it’s brand new. Now imagine your entire workforce losing all-important electronic data – it’s a set-back for the company.

Business cards however do not require the use of a smartphone or any other electronic device. You can keep a business card in your wallet or on your desk at work and it will always be there as a referral tool. This little function gives the business card staying power because it’s accessible to just about everyone. You don’t have to be technology-savvy to create them either as there are many pre-made templates on the internet. Visit 123 Print for online business cards that are created quickly and affordably.

–          They are eye-catching

Put your photo on your business card, along with that all-important information detailing the services your company offers, and contact information and you’ll be left with an eye-catching, easy-to-remember business card.

When your employees are sent out to drum up new business, it’s likely that the clients they talk to will receive many a business card from competing companies. But the people they will remember will be the ones who hand them a business card complete with photo and catch tag line.

–          They provide emotional appeal

Forget your need to expand your business for a moment and consider the welfare of your employees. It’s widely known that a happy workforce will be more productive and thus contribute to the success of your business. By issuing business cards to each of your employees, you can appeal to their emotional sides. That’s right, business cards count as an employee benefit, making employees feel worthy. Your staff will take more pride in their work if it is given more of a professional business edge.




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