How Much Should You Pay For A New Laptop

6 08 2013


Image via Flickr creative commons from Chris Meium

As with all forms of technology, there are a large number of factors that can affect price, from the features on offer through to special deals being run by the retailer. In most cases, it’s not a case of how much people should pay for a new laptop computer, but more how much are they willing to pay and what features are they prepared to shell out for. It’s usually the case that the higher the specs on offer, the more expensive the piece of kit will be, although consumers are getting a fair bit of bang for their buck with models such as Samsung’s Chromebook. With this in mind, below are three price points – bargain, average and high-end – as well as the kind of features that you can expect to find on laptops that fit into these three categories.

Bargain deals

Well everyone loves a bargain and in the world of laptops, prices have come down considerably in recent years. Are you looking for a device that will serve you well as a second computer, perhaps something you can take on a train with you to watch DVDs or throw into a weekend bag so you can connect to the web on the move? At the bottom end of the range you’re probably looking around the £250-300 mark. The good news is that for this kind of money you can get some pretty decent computing power and features. Have a look at laptops from BT Shop and you should be able to find a machine running Windows 8, probably with around 4GB of memory and between 300 and 500GB of storage space on the hard drive. Starter laptops with decent features tend to be carrying a fair bit of weight – something to remember if you’re looking for a portable option. Remember though, if you want ultra-cheap and ultra-portable then you might well have to sacrifice a lot when it comes to functionality and battery life.

Middle of the market

If you have a bit more cash to spend, say around the £500 mark then you’ll have more options when it comes to specs. For starters, you’re likely to get longer battery life which will make using the device on the move a whole lot easier. It’s often the case that by spending a little more on a laptop you’ll be able to get your hands on a larger screen and a decent quality audio system which will make watching and listening to audio a lot more pleasurable. You might well be able to shave a little weight off by splashing out a bit more cash – again, very useful if you’re going to be carrying a device around on your back. There are plenty of bargains out there, but as is often the case, you get what you pay for.

High end

If you have the cash in the bank then you shouldn’t find it too hard to pick up a laptop for £1,000 plus. For starters, by spending in the region of a grand you are going to get a laptop that looks the business – think about that bushed aluminium steel! A comfy keyboard and crystal clear screen will be standard, along with a powerful processor such as the Intel® Core™ i5-3317U processor or the Intel Dual-core 2.80 GHz Core i7 model that has gone into the Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch. A light weight, solid build should come as standard and if you have the cash to spend then you’re likely to end up with a big smile on your face!


Great New UK Attractions For 2013

8 06 2013


Image via Flickr creative commons from Oscar Del Rio

The landscape of the tourism sector changes year-by-year in the UK, especially now that families and couples have much greater amounts of free time to do with as they please.

As a result, many different surveys and polls have proved that we are taking more holiday breaks, but opting to spend shorter lengths of time away from home.

Part of the reason that this is so is because we are now faced with a greater choice than ever of leisure attractions located within easy travelling distance of our homes, no matter what part of the UK we happen to live in.

It seems that there is so much choice of activities which can be done in our free time that it is impossible to keep pace with their rapid expansion.

Yet what is clear is that most of these attractions are aimed squarely at parents with young children.

The reason for this is quite clearly because of a combination of children’s constant thirst for new things to do, and new places to go to. Yet it also means that, for adults who do not have to factor in what they are going to do with their little ones, the choice of activities available can seem sadly meagre.

That’s far from the case though, as this list of the latest attractions to open in the UK shows:

1. Sea Life Centre, Manchester: Handily placed close to the Trafford Centre, Greater Manchester’s biggest shopping centre, the latest of the Sea Life Centre sites was expected to showcase more than 5,000 marine creatures, contained within one of 30 different displays which house the animals, and use more than a million litres of water to do so.

2. DUPLO Valley at Legoland Windsor: This is aimed at families with young children in particular, and offers the now expected high standards of construction work to produce such great attractions as giant animals, dinosaurs, clowns and princesses.

3. Improved and expanded London Dungeon: Having undertaken a massive move from its previous site, prompted by the redevelopment of London Bridge railway station, this is now settled in at the former County Hall, which served as the headquarters of the Greater London Council. Among the characters which grown-up visitors will particularly appreciate is Henry VIII, whose voice is provided by renowned actor Brian Blessed.

4. New rides at Alton Towers: The Staffordshire theme park favourite is looking to build on the success of its Nemesis ride with the introduction of the new Sub Terra vertical drop ride. It has also opened a new rollercoaster to replace the former ‘Black Hole’ ride, which has been a long-standing favourite.

5. Angry Birds land at Lightwater Valley: The North Yorkshire theme park is getting in on the computer game craze, with a number of themed areas, all designed so that the whole family can enjoy the attractions together. This is designed to complement the new Eagle’s Creek farm area and petting zoo, where children and older theme park fans can take a tractor ride and see a new selection of farmyard animals.

The operators of great new attractions such as these know, though, that they have to attract a wide range of adult visitors, and one way in which they can find out about them is by taking Warner UK weekend breaks at any of the company’s hotels located close to the sites of many of the country’s best-known theme and fun park attractions.